Will the Nike Dunk Become the First Technologically Advanced Shoe? 

Published: 13th March 2009
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Since the emergency and inception of the Nike shoe brands into the market, the Nike ID has really undergone a lot of metamorphosis and evolution to incorporate new technology.

Despite offering great and different types of colors and materials over the years it has been in the market, Nike now is customizing Nike Dunk shoe brands with blue tooth connectivity, ipods among others. The latest technology being tried is the option of laser etching. The Smith Optics company is now the first company to have their company logo laser etched in the mid-panel of the Nike ID Dunk high shoe brands.

Being an action sports gear manufacturing company Smith Optics has been coming up with the sports industry's most technologically and advanced sports gear such as the snow and motor goggles, sunglasses and snow helmets. Incorporating this company into the Nike Family of sports shoes is a great advancement for the Nike Dunk ID. This will propel the Nike Dunk into the technological world.

Everything is geared and moving towards incorporating new technological advancement. Individuals are getting more tired of having to wrestle with their daily schedules while being accompanied with bulky music, communication and other personal entertainment gadgets. The new Nike dunk technological break through will make it easier for you to have all this gadgets just within you. These new laser etching technology machines that are currently being tested with the partnership with Smith Optics Company will soon be out and could possibly be among the next best technologies being delivered by Nike Dunk.

The other new technology that has been incorporated in the Nike Dunk Shoes is ways of getting Personal with your mobile phone. Although this was initially done by Adidas Sports Company when it formed a partnership with one of the world mobile company Samsung to come up with miCoach, the partnership dedicated the incorporation fitness freaks and the mobile connoisseurs. However Nike Dunk has gone a notch higher and now has come up with ways through which individuals can use their mobile phone's camera in order to customize their Nike Dunk shoes, this technology has been referred to as PhotoiD.

This kind of technology advancement helps Mobile phone users to take pictures of their shoes with their mobile phone's camera and then send the image as an MMS to Nike's service. The company will then analyze and asses the sent images, select out the two main colors in the picture. While using their classic 1985 Nike Dunk high-top basketball shoes as the main design, they then incorporate the desired colors into the shoe.

After selecting out the desired image, Nike will in turn send the image of the customized shoe incorporating the desired colors back to the sender for preview. The benefit of this to the sender is that, he can use the image as wallpaper on his phone or the image can be the actual shoes the sender can order from his favorite sports shop.

The latest technology is currently the Nike PhotoiD which is being created by the digital agency AKQA. It is currently being launched in nine European states, the UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Nike Dunk has also tied up business deals with Apple for their Nike + iPod system to come up with the iPod Nano.

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