The Air Jordan XL-Obama Style

Published: 09th March 2009
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The air Jordan which is also known as air Jordan, Jay's, Js or MJS are all brand of shoes produced by Nike.

They were designed and endorsed by a professional basketball player Michael Jordan. The products of air Jordan are now sold by Jordan brand that is a subdivision of Nike. Since its release in 1984 the company has been releasing new brands every year even after the retirement of Jordan from basketball. Every year there has been new releases with the air Jordan XL designed by Tinker Hatfield; it was meant to stand out with a fusion of performance and style. The fact that it was taken from a world of high end mountaineering backpacks, the condura nylon upper that was used made the model more durable. It was even improved more by making it have a carbon fibre plate on its sole; it gave the shoe exceptional rigidity. Many of those people who use these shoes describe it as it has a formal look and that is what they go for.

The first African American president's democratic nominee Barrack Obama has defied all odds, and soared above the highly contested presidential to be elected the 44th president of the United States of America. To commemorate this historic win, the "Air Jordan Xl came up with a brand dubbed the Obama style.

The air Jordan however seemed to be making more sales during holiday season, but this time round things changed with the Obama campaigns. The introduction of the new design "the air Jordan xl- Obama style" made the crowds all over the world made history with their clothing from the Sunday best hats and cashmere coats in the crowd to the inescapable commemorative Obama being seen all over. A desire of the crowds to bear witness in at least one of the Obama's function wore Obama's face either in their banners, t- shirts, bags to earrings. His omnipresent iconic image has been compared to propaganda posters.

People from all corners of the world left their political differences aside, black, red and white shoes promised a better taste of hope, fame money, and enlightment in their wake footwear with the Obama logo will forever change their style with the Jordan shoe making lots of profit from the sales. Air Jordan's were the perfect product to address the relationship between the first and third world countries. The air Jordan has a more history of good brands than others and reconfiguring Nike's shoes into coveted, spiritual Aboriginal symbols, they breeding mythical objects from two antithetical sources. They also, amazingly, did it with his tongue delicately planted in their cheek.

The subversion of the commercial into the sacred raised questions of authenticity, manipulation, identity, abuse and the power of symbols and objects; all this from masks with tufts of free flowing hair sprouting from their Jordan tongues. They have artist who are able to comment on consumer fascination with cultural differences with such ease. The work has a simple premise, which uses universally objects that are recognized, and revises without obscuring. They convey messages using a language we all speak, one of products and brands, signs and symbols.

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