The Air Force 1 - Obama Style

Published: 13th March 2009
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Obama's popularity during his campaign period came along with unique designer shoes that had great effect to his followers, the designers came up with unique styles of paintings of his face plastered all over.

A designer named Van painted a pair of Nike air force-1 in honor of Barrack Obama. These shoes were designed following Obama's succession on Super Tuesday. He used the colour scheme and imagery to great effect. Van used his pure artistic talent to in Barrack's portrait and included his two sayings "change" and "yes we can" all whether young or old teamed up together to make the Obama Nike air force 1 not only for the support through his campaign but through sneaker heads. The message was to express joy and show the support for Barrack. Peace was one of the reasons why many people chose to wear the face of Barrack Obama.

The Obama style was widely adapted all over the world, with the professional business and suppliers of the products having better services. With the shoe being one of the most praised ever of the world's most creative people it is light comfortable and stylish that are sure to break some necks. Continuing with these newly adapted graffiti style, the sneakers are made in such a way that it allows one to wear them comfortably without having to strain. The technology that has been used in the shoe making is also another reason why many people bought it.

The company came up with the idea of Obama style because of the people's desire. The turn out was good though the Nike company did not say how much money they got from the sales of the shoes but it is estimated that over 12 million pairs of Obama style air force 1 shoes were sold at its peak last year alone. The shoe used to be worn on basketball court though people are yet to discover what made the shoe so popular but what they know is it really looks and feels good in the foot. It is just an excellent, classic and comes in different colours and just takes it very well. To some people the fact that it comes in different colours make it completely unique. Yet the white on white is the popular model. The shoe making company produces limited runs of various colours and their scarcity is what brings about the shoe being more desired and in high demand. The new generation has completely no idea of what the shoe was meant for and is now wearing it because it is cool unlike in the past years where it was for playing basketball.

The Obama style shoe was adapted by the Obama followers, the reason being everyone wanted to be associated with the world's celebrity, the phenomenon is going across the whole industry where even the kids wants to have that unique product that has the logo of famous people. Nike is feeding the interest of the people by keeping the supply tight. offers great deals on Nike Dunks as well as Jordan Shoes. To learn more about these ultimate fashion shoes visit our website today!

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