Interesting Facts about Mosquitoes

Published: 28th February 2009
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Have you ever thought of other interesting facts about mosquitoes other than the fact that they transmit malaria? Here are some facts you did not know about it.

It's only the female that bites; male mosquitoes do not bite. The female mosquitoes suck blood from a person's skin. The protein found in human blood helps them in egg development. Mosquitoes are cold blooded and can survive at around 80 degrees and 60 degrees and will be completely unable to survive at temperatures of 50 degrees and below, this means in countries that have cool summers, they do enjoy mosquito free nights at this period.

Just like bees, mosquitoes are pollinators, though we know them as blood suckers they are helpful in a way that they do fertilize plants in their search for food, the adults get their nutritional needs met through nectar. Stagnant water is the breeding place for mosquitoes. They lay their eggs in lakes, swamps, ponds and containers that lie around collecting rain water. Doing away with this stagnant water around the home will help reduce mosquitoes.

Did you know that mosquitoes hunt by smelling? Chemicals and heat attract mosquitoes with carbon dioxide being the main attractant. All mammals release carbon dioxide as a waste product during breathing and this is how mosquitoes are always found in every home or any other place that carbon dioxide is emitted. Mosquitoes are of different species but they all go through the same stages of development, from egg, pupae, larvae and finally to adult though sometimes in some species, eggs may remain dormant for a very long time say up to 5 years depending on the season. In these species not all of them target human beings as their prey, some will go for frogs, birds, horses and other mammals. Birds, fish bats and other insects do feed on mosquitoes therefore making them part of food chain web.

In a single second, a mosquito wing beats from 300 to about 600 times and male mosquitoes find their females by listening to the sound of the wing beating. They will tell the best species by the pitch of the female wings. Female mosquitoes can bite more than ones, when she sucks blood she completes egg development and can lay 250 eggs at once after which she may seek another meal. Female mosquitoes can produce between 1000 and 3000 off springs in her entire life span. The average life span of a female mosquito lies between 3 to 100 days while the male mosquitoes do not live longer they can survive for 10 to 20 days. Some facts will surprise you like the weight of a mosquito, a mosquito weighs 1/25,000 of an ounce. Dark colours do attract mosquitoes a lot, a mosquito will bite someone dressed in dark clothing rather than one clothed in bright coloured. It likes dark places and are mostly found in bushes and shrubs.

The welt that appears after a mosquito bite is said to be an allergic reaction to the saliva injected to a person's skin to prevent blood clothing. Most mosquitoes live a mile from their breeding ground and some may live up to 20 miles away. The most dangerous thing is that they are deadly insects in human history and human endeavors makes interesting reading.

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