Final Fantasy SIM Date Role Playing: A Game Review

Published: 17th December 2008
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For some time now, I have been hearing a lot about these Online Role Playing games. I wondered what all this was all about, when I slammed into Final Fantasy SIM Date Role Playing. The name itself sounded quite appealing to me, and seemed like some kind of a fantasy game. Even before I could start playing this game for the first time, I started to think of some fantasies assuming that would be the objective of this game.

Slowly, as I got to understand the game better, I realized that the objective of this game is slightly different at that. As a player, you would need to seduce one of the many final fantasy characters in this game. It may look like being a porn game, but in reality it is a decent online dating game. So, with this game, there is no way that someone can think they are abused. But with that being said, this is highly recommended for mature adults.

Strong points:

" One of the few games in the World Wide Web that touches the topic of dating. In fact, you would find that playing this game you tend to develop some good skills that could help you in real life.

" Seducing women, of course in the right sense, is a task not many have mastered successfully. This game provides a lot of tips for people to master this art. One thing though - For a newbie to this game, it would still take some time for him to grasp things, but the game does work well!

" In a web world, where you can see mindless action games floating around, this game brings a fresh lease of life for all gaming lovers, who wish to spend some time on their computers fiddling around with their joystick and keyboards.

" Instructions need improvement - Four weeks to master this game? Too long by any stretch of imagination! Being an avid gamer myself, I had serious problems adjusting to the controls of this game. Some controls I just found by accidence. This leaves the instructions manual a lot to be desired.

" Subjective concept - Dating is a very subjective concept, and though this game has good intentions of guiding people to effective skills, it has often been misconstrued by a lot of people. I have seen some of my friends playing this game with the sole objective of seducing women, while the game itself has a lot more value to add.


I would surely have loved to rate Final Fantasy a 5 on 5, but given its area of improvements on the controls front, I would give it a 4. With this being said, I am sure people who have thought of this game and developed it would surely be working to get rid of the minor issues.


Bottom-line, I would recommend this game for one and all, with age being a bar. It is always good to have some tips on the dating front. And what better than experiencing the tips by means of a game!

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