Cosmetic Dentistry and Lip Repositioning

Published: 09th July 2008
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People want to have a beautiful smile and have done their research note that there are two main factors that are of high significance but are not considered by many people when going to a cosmetic dentist, those two factors which can quickly affect the way a smile looks are the lip line positioning and the size of the gumline.

The most popular procedure in cosmetic dentistry is obviously teeth whitening, most people who want to look the best are often concerned about the color of their teeth but when it comes to the size of their lips and gum line there is little to no concern. Reshaping this to parts can dramatically affect and improve the aesthetics of a person's oral cavity.

A person who has beautiful teeth can still perceive his or her smile to be somewhat misaligned even after tooth whitening or an orthodontic procedure this illusion can be created by a misaligned gumline also known as a gummy smile. People who are concerned that when they smile there is a big portion of "pink" showing up can rest assured that there is a simple and virtually trouble-free procedure that can be done in order to correct the gumline, this gum reshaping procedure is actually not new, so if you ask your dentist about it they will provide recommendations or referrals to a specialist who is able to handle such interventions.

Yet another factor that can represent a problem for people who have tried to achieve a beautiful smile is the way their lips are positioned, some people may have very thin lips which will obviously create a condition where more of the gumline is seen, in this case is the gumline doesn't have to be altered at all, the only procedure that is to be done is known as hypermobile lip surgery which is also known as a lip repositioning surgery.

To this type of procedure the lip line can be enhanced or altered in a way that it won't provide so much for the gumline to show when the person smiles. Lip surgery combined with a gumline treatment can positively altered the way a person's smile look and can complement any other dental cosmetic enhancement that has been previously performed. is a professional website which provides more information about lip repositioning surgery and also offers information about dentists in London, visit us today!

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